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Custom Creations

  1. This was featured at the bride and grooms reception! The mother and father of the groom chose LOVE for the letterography.

  2. Letters were chosen by a friend and her husband to present to their daughter at her wedding!

  3. My sister-in-law had this made for her cousin's wedding!

  4. I made this as a gift for some of our dear friends, Jason and Noelle!

  5. I made this for my college roommate, Jenn when she got married to her hubby Matt!

  6. A wedding gift from an aunt to a niece.

  7. A birthday gift from a mother to her daughter.

  8. This is hanging in our apartment!

  9. This print was designed by a friend who works as a missionary for Mercy Ships. She wanted to thank a donor who has supported her for many years and surprised her with this piece of wall art!

  10. Gift for a friend to celebrate their baby boy!

  11. Celebrating the birth of Ethan!

  12. Hannah is actually featured on my website with her name as she's smiling in her crib! Thanks to her mom for helping me feature my custom wall art for my website!

  13. A fun piece of wall art for my niece!

  14. Custom created stationery for Erik.

  15. Stationery for a local church to send out notes.

  16. Designed to sent out notes from a faculty member at Mary Baldwin College.

  17. I made this 4x7 foot banner for Camp Light, which is an organization building a camp for kids with disabilities. Learn more about them here: http://creativeworksfarm.org/

  18. I was contacted and asked to create a large banner for a young man named Dmitry who passed away too soon. He was an accomplished musician and this 2 foot tall and 10 foot long banner was hung at a service to celebrate his life.

  19. A wedding present for Becca and Jake!