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  1. T-01: The makings of an outdoor fireplace at the Piedmont Triad Farmer's Market. Looks like a T to me! We loved going to this place when we lived in Kernersville, NC. Location: Colfax, NC

  2. T-02: A fire hydrant as the letter T in an apartment complex we used to live in. Location: Kernersville, NC

  3. T-03: Designs on headboard in a beach house when vacationing with family. Location: Kitty Hawk, NC

  4. T-04: A organizer/basket made from a straw like material. Looks like an T to me! Location: Kernersville, NC

  5. T-05: I made this letter T out of glass beads. It's sitting on our couch in a previous apartment! Location: Kernersville, NC

  6. T-06: This is the edge of a frame used for promotional material at a mountain resort. The T is made out of metal screwed into wood. Location: Mount Crested Butte, CO

  7. T-07: This letter T is a magnetic letter on a chalkboard taken while living in Colorado at Black Bear Lodge. Location: Mount Crested Butte, CO

  8. T-08: Visiting some friends at their apartment and I took a picture of the stones on the outside of the building to make the letter T. Location: Toronto, ON Canada

  9. T-09: Tile that looks like a T found while visiting one of my favorite winery, Chateau Morrisette. Location: Floyd, VA

  10. T-10: I grabbed a hammer out of our tool box to make this T on our living room floor in our apartment Urban Exchange. Location: Harrisonburg, VA

  11. T-11: I grabbed some items out of our tool box to make this T on our living room floor in our apartment Urban Exchange. Location: Harrisonburg, VA

  12. T-12: It's always fun to write letters in the sand with sticks! We got this T in before it washed away. Location: Duck, NC

  13. T-13: The back of a wooden chair makes a great T. Location: Charlottesville, VA

  14. T-14: It snowed and I needed some dark letters on a white background. Thank goodness there were some sticks nearby! Location: Charlottesville, VA

  15. T-15: The grate outside our door makes a great T as I look out our office door. Location: Harrisonburg, VA

  16. T-16: Brick on a building in a downtown area. I zoomed in to get a T. Location: Harrisonburg, VA

  17. T-17: This old tool found in an antique store at a farmers market. Looks like a T to me! Location: Harrisonburg, VA

  18. T-18: This T was painted onto a road to determine parking spaces along the street. Location: Harrisonburg, VA

  19. T-19: This T is made out of bows for bags and presents! Location: Harrisonburg, VA

  20. T-20: This T is the top of an antique sled that my dad used when he was a kid! Location: Staunton, VA

  21. T-21: This T is made from a red ribbon with silver polka-dots. Location: Staunton, VA

  22. T-22: Graffiti on an old brick wall at the Ice House. Location: Harrisonburg, VA

  23. T-23: Baseballs made into a T. Location: Lyndhurst, VA

  24. T-24: Fun with buttons! I found a bunch of these in a dresser drawer. Apparently I've been collecting these for awhile! Location: Harrisonburg, VA

  25. T-25: This T was etched into a tree/puppet theater at a local children's museum. Location: Harrisonburg, VA

  26. T-26: Circles stuck with velcro to a fabric wall at a local children's museum. Location: Harrisonburg, VA

  27. T-27: This T was found at James Madison University on one of the buildings covered in bluestone. Location: Harrisonburg, VA