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  1. K-01: This metal J was found inside a mountain lodge. Location: Mount Crested Butte, CO

  2. K-02: My husband owns a Jeep and inside these pieces looked like a K. We were visiting the Piedmont Triad Farmer's Market. Location: Colfax, NC

  3. K-03: I found this fun fabric covered letter K in a department store. Location: Greensboro, NC

  4. K-04: All these sidewalks met in a certain way to make it look like the letter K in an apartment complex we once lived. Location: Kernersville, NC

  5. K-05: This K was made out of the side of a pool table and the billiard triangle or rack. Location: Charlotte, NC

  6. K-06: This letter K was found on a rack of letters at a store. Location: Greensboro, NC

  7. K-07: This K was found in a piece of home decor at Short Pump Town Center. Location: Richmond, VA

  8. K-08: This is the back of a wooden bench. The design make a K. Location: Duck, NC

  9. K-09: This K was found near some shops while at the beach with family. Location: Duck, NC

  10. K-10: This K was made out of the side of a pool table and the billiard triangle or rack at a beach house when we were taking a family vacation. Location: Kitty Hawk, NC

  11. K-11: I made this letter K out of glass beads. It's sitting on our couch in a previous apartment! Location: Kernersville, NC

  12. K-12: This K is made out of aspen trees. We went out driving and happened upon a campground to stop and see the sights. Location: Off Kebler Pass near Crested Butte, CO

  13. K-13: This letter K is a magnetic letter on a chalkboard taken while living in Colorado at Black Bear Lodge. Location: Mount Crested Butte, CO

  14. K-14: White painted letter K on a brick wall. The full title was Jack Daniel's at the Opryland Hotel. We went there on our way back from Colorado. My cousin Joey gave us a tour of the town and we got to see the awesome Christmas lights they put on display at the hotel. Location: Nashville, TN

  15. K-15: A painted K on an old sign in an antique shop. The GPS tagged this location incorrectly - it should be at the intersection of route 250 and route 151 near Afton, VA.

  16. K-16: We went to visit some friends and took a walk downtown. This K was found on a gate that surrounded a beautiful home with an amazing garden. Location: Charleston, SC

  17. K-17: It's always fun to write letters in the sand with sticks! We got this K in before it washed away. Location: Duck, NC

  18. K-18: It snowed and I needed some dark letters on a white background. Thank goodness there were some sticks nearby! Location: Charlottesville, VA

  19. K-19: This K is made out of bows for bags and presents! Location: Harrisonburg, VA

  20. K-20: This K was found in a stone fireplace at a lake house. Location: Lake Anna, VA

  21. K-21: Baseballs formed into an K at a family gathering! Location: Lyndhurst, VA

  22. K-22: Fun with buttons! I found these in a dresser drawer. Apparently I've been collecting these for awhile! Location: Harrisonburg, VA